Evening Desert Safari is a package from desert safari Dubai. Its a great package for friends, family, etc. This package has a lot of adventurous and exciting activities that you can enjoy at reasonable prices and believe us this package worth your money. If you’re looking a place to spend your time with your family or friends or you are thinking to go on a vacation then Desert Safari is a great place for you they have a lot of packages that will make your vacations a lot better and adventurous. Evening desert safari has a lot of riding activities and shows that you will surely enjoy and also they provide delicious meals during the adventurous trip and also pick you up from your location in a 4×4 wheel ride if you’re somewhere in Dubai or Sharjah. The drive continues through the desert roads so that you can experience more and it will surely make your trip more adventurous and also they will stop in between to watch the beautiful sunset so that you can see and experience more. Before reaching the campsite you have the opportunity to have the camel ride in the desert or you can also have the sand boarding and try a henna design. This is already so exciting so see and experience so many things in a single package. They also provide photography facility which will capture your memories and will make it memorable for your whole life. They also provide delicious barbecue dinner in their camps and after dinner, you can enjoy shisha too and even before returning to the Dubai/Sharjah you can watch the belly dancers perform near the campfire right in front of your eyes.

 This trip starts at 3:30 pm and ends at 9:30 pm. There are straight 6 hours of adventure and exploring the new things and places along with pretty good activities. These activities will be so fun to enjoy or explore in a pretty reasonable price. People don’t see how much it costs because of this package worth every penny that you pay. There are so many things to do in a single package. This just makes your evening a lot better than spending your time on some beach or farmhouse. You have a load of things to experience in a single evening. Let us make it more clear for you and specify the activities that you will experience in this adventurous journey of Evening Desert Safari.


The following activities are included in this package.

• Dune Driving

  20-30 minutes of dune driving

• Sunset Photography

   Sunset photography will capture your memories

• Camel Rides

   Camel rides will make your trip more adventurous

• Belly Dancing

   Belly dancing shows to help you experience new things

• Fire show and Tanura show

   Shows for you to make the trip more enjoyable

• Bar for drinks

   The bar will be open for everyone but on payment basis

• Henna Painting

   Henna painting for you to help you try new things

• Hubble Bubblee Shisha

   Shisha right after dinner to help to refresh the taste of your mouth

• Arabic Coffee And Fresh Dates

   Arabic coffee and fresh dates will be provided to make you feel active

• Traditional costumes

   Traditional costumes will be provided so you don’t look or feel different

• Unlimited soft drinks and water bottles

   Unlimited soft drinks and water bottles to kill your thirst and make you feel refreshing

feel refreshing

• Buffet and barbecue dinner

   In the end, the delicious dinner will be served for you